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The Mtoto Agency believes in providing the extra set of hands you need. From private families to corporate Clients and for special events, we connect you with professional Nannies and home staff. With our extensive screening process, we ensure that candidates are qualified and equipped to fulfill your specific needs. For customizable services, please contact us here.

​Permanent Placement

  • Full time and Part time Nannies

  • Live-in and Live-out Nannies 

Temporary Nannies and On Call Sitters offer short term or last minute care in the event your nanny calls in, for date nights or for as needed childcare.  

House Sitters manage the home while a family travels or as needed. Duties include taking out the trash, pet care, watering plants, handling appointments, collecting the mail and newspapers and any special requests from the home owners. 


Special Event Childcare offer care for weddings, family gatherings, at hotels, churches, conferences or any event in a public setting. 


Travel Nannies are passport ready and are assigned to a family during travel. Nannies can be flown in from out of state or help with prepping your family to travel. 

Household and Estate Managers may have very light childcare duties but mostly oversee the affairs of the home. They are responsible for overseeing family scheduling, provide household assistance, pay bills, run errands and grocery shopping, management of venders, event planning, calendar management, house projects and organization. 

To get started on your search, click here.

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