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In Home Nannies

Our nanny & sitter candidates are qualified to meet your childcare needs. Nannies are household employees who oversee all affairs of the children. They are responsible for offering safe, nurturing, in home childcare and prioritizing children't needs. Tasks include handle feeding and meal prep, maintaining nap schedules, keep nurseries and children bedrooms organized, keep up with the children’s inventory, handle laundry, educational activities, tracking milestones, development and children’s appointments outside the home. Our nanny and sitter placement services include:

  • Full and part time nannies

  • As needed nannies & sitters

  • Travel nannies

  • Live in nannies

  • Before & after school nannies

  • Nanny/household managers

  • Special event nannies 

  • Night nannies & newborn care specialists

  • Hotel Sitters

For long term nanny placement, complete our family application here.

For as needed nannies & sitters, complete our temp application here.

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Full & Part Time Nannies

Full & part time nannies handle all tasks that relate to the well being of the child, and work a consistent schedule each week. They plan and maintain the flow of the day, keep up with your children’s schedule, and partner with you to ensure your children receive proper care. Get started here.

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Newborn & Postpartum Care

Newborn Care Specialists are skilled and educated in infant and overnight care. They work alongside parents to monitor the baby's development, feeding techniques, sleep patterns, and postpartum support. An NCS also provides emotional support, guidance through creating routines, while monitoring the health of the newborn. Most NCS work overnight while parents sleep. Please contact us here for more information.


As Needed Nannies & Sitters

As needed nannies and sitters offer as needed childcare services. Whether for date nights, backup care, filling in while your nanny is out, offering travel services, or overnight care, temp nannies step in to lend a hand when you need it. Complete our temp nanny application here.

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