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Backup Care & Employee Household Support

Employer Benefits and household solutions for the corporate parent.

Studies show corporate working parents have better work performance with household support and reliable childcare.

Our agency provides fully vetted nannies, sitters, certified newborn specialists and professionals to serve the corporate parent. 

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Our Corporate

Having extra household help is self care for the employee. 

Offering backup care benefits for your employees gives them peace of mind that childcare is covered without having to take off work. It also provides support while families transition with bringing new babies home, and with parent education tools for the growing family. Offering corporate benefits can be important for companies to attract and retain talented employees, as well as to increase employee productivity and engagement. Additionally, corporate benefits can help to improve the overall well-being and self care of employees, which can lead to better job satisfaction and a more positive work environment.


Offering household solutions as a benefit will also offset the cost and time of your employee finding childcare and professional services on their own.

Corporate Benefit Services

Backup Care & Emergency Sitters

Sleep consulting

Corporate event childcare

Newborn care consulting for parents with new babies

Virtual speech therapy for children

Postpartum wellness and breastfeeding support

Child sleep training and conditioning coaching

Child Development

Postpartum Doula Support

Vocal music instruction for children

Music play therapy

Family household management

Online courses for parents and families

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Customized Corporate Employee Solutions

Corporate employees will have access to fully vetted nannies, sitters, virtual consultants, and household staffing solutions.

Care can be customized for short term, long term, or as needed care.

Employees can book virtual 1 on 1 parenting sessions through a private portal. 

Access to private online resources for families and children.

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