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Household & Estate Management

We work with families to provide household and estate managers to streamline household systems. Tasks include:

Oversee the day to day tasks of the household
Work alongside the homeowners to set household goals
Assist with home upkeep and flow of the home
Schedule household and auto maintenance appointments
Organizing social events and book travel
Keep track of household inventory
Manage other household staff members, and assigning tasks


Household Management

oversee the daily needs of the home, sometimes multiple properties. They are responsible for following the family schedule, paying bills and invoices, running family errands and grocery shopping, management of venders, setting appointments for household maintenance, keeping track of inventory, calendar management, preparing for in home events and holidays, booking or overseeing travel arrangements, pet care, transporting vehicles for car maintenance, organization and additional assigned tasks. Some household and estate managers may travel to various properties, prep the home for family arrival and manage other household staff. Pay rates vary by location and often range from $25-45+/hr, or salary.

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Personal Assistants

mainly focus on the personal needs of the client, and handles task on their behalf. Duties may range from administrative duties, personal shopping, daily scheduling, client errands, setting grooming and self care appointments, meetings, travel arrangements, booking drivers or driving the client, and any additional personal tasks given by client. Pay rates range from $25-40+ an hour.


Domestic Staff

We work alongside families to staff for the entire housheold.

Executive Family Assistant 







House Sitters

Pet Sitters

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