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Family Placement Process

We truly appreciate you taking the time to visit The Mtoto Agency. Our #1 goal is to serve and connect you with professionally equipped Nannies and Home staff. We save you time by requiring our candidates go through an extensive application and prescreening process. We check references. criminal and driving history and run multi state background checks. This provides safety for you and your family. For a detailed list of caregivers we place, visit our services page here


Our Process

1. For long term requests, start by filling out our Family Application.


   If you're looking for temp or as needed services, complete our temp         application here.


2. Schedule an in home, virtual or phone consultation to discuss your needs. 


3. Review and sign a copy of our Agency-Client contract.

4. Pay the $350 launch fee to get started.

5. Review potential candidates and schedule interviews for full and part time positions. Temporary placements begin once application is approved for membership to our Agency.  

6 Hire your nanny and home staff!

8. Pay remaining placement fee balance before the first day of work.  Find our fee schedule here. 

Why do we have to fill out an application?

We like to get to know families ahead of time to make sure we can serve you. The application gives greater detail of your needs, and helps source candidates that meet your requirements. 


Why do families have to schedule an in person, phone or virtual meeting?

As an agency who works on behalf of families, it's important to be personable. We want to sit down to get to know your needs before we move forward in the search for your nanny. We'd also like to make sure we are the right agency to serve your family. 

If you are outside of the Dallas/Ft. Worth and Kansas City area, please contact us for additional information. 


What are the required fees?

Families looking for temporary or long term home staff are required to pay an application fee of $350 to begin the search. We then present you with qualified candidates who are interested in applying for the position. Once you review candidates, we'll connect you by setting up the initial interview. After you've decided to hire, we collect the remaining balance of the placement fee before the official start date. Details are outlined in our Client Contract. 

*Temp or as needed nannies & sitter booking fees start $50/day care is requested. The nanny is paid a separate hourly rate at the end of the shift. There is a separate one time application fee due before we send nannies. 

*Emergency booking with less than 24/hour notice is $50/day a nanny is requested. The nanny is paid a separate hourly rate at the end of the shift. 

*Families in need of a one placement will pay a booking fee of $50/day a nanny is requested. The nanny is paid a separate hourly rate at the end of the shift.

For overnight staff, you must pay a set rate every 24 hours, or an agreed upon hourly rate, including sleeping hours. Please contact us for more information. 


How are you different from other online nanny and home staff search businesses? 

All Clients are required to participate in a phone, in person or virtual consultation, and all Nannies and staff are required to do the same. Clients and home staff must consent to a background check. We believe that being personable is important with building relationships. We also want to prevent fraudulent activity for your safety and for the safety of our caregivers. Online nanny and home staff businesses do not require in person meetings, nor do they run the initial background, vehicle and reference checks. Those features are optional and are not required to be listed on online sites.


We require that once a full or part time nanny is placed, families and nannies must sign an employment contract with guaranteed hours and pay. We only accept Clients who pay their nanny a minimum of $18/hr. Our nannies and home staff have years of professional experience, are required to have a resume, have exceptional experience and are looking to grow with families. We also require that families pay their nannies and home staff legally through a payroll service or weekly check. 


At this time, we will accept Clients who are currently working with other agencies. In the event another agency refers a candidate we have already referred to you, we will still require the full placement fee should you decide to hire. Because we value your time, we highly recommend using one agency. We also take pride in working one on one with Clients, as this helps to avoid double placement and additional fees. 

Ready to get started? Fill out our family application here for long term placement, and here for temp or as needed childcare.

Additional questions? Contact us for information, here.



The Mtoto Agency reserves the right to refuse service to any new or current Clients for any reason deemed necessary. We do not allow discrimination by reason of race, creed, color, age, disability, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, Union membership, or any characteristic protected by law.

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