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Agency Pricing & Fee Schedule

Our agency fees are based on your household service request. All new families looking for in home childcare or household staff will incur a one time new client registration fee of $350. There's a separate placement fee for families seeking permanent placement, and on call nanny services.


Temp & Backup Care

Temp nanny and sitter services include date nights, backup care, occasional and as needed child care services. Nannies & Sitters are hired directly through the agency and there are no separate booking fees if bookings are made 72 hours in advance. We handle all taxes, payroll and direct deposits to make the payment process easier for you. Families in need of recurring childcare will pay a one time application fee of $275, plus a $50/mo membership fee. 

Families in need of a 1 time placement will pay a booking fee of $50 plus the hourly rate listed below. 


Temp hourly rates paid to the agency
$30/hr for 1 child. Additional $2/hr per additional child. 

California Rates:
$40/hr for 1 child. Additional $2/hr per additional child. 

*An emergency temp booking with less than 24/hour notice will incur an additional $50 booking fee plus the hourly rate. All fees are due​ before the shift begins.

Seasonal or Summer Nanny (up to 3 months) $1500

Monthly placement - $575/month

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Long Term Placement

Families looking for long term placement usually need care at least 1 year minimum. All fees are paid once and are not recurring. 

Part Time & Full Time Placement - 

$3500 or 15% of the Annual Salary, whichever is greater

  • 120 days guaranteed replacement period

  • Social Security Number Trace

  • National Criminal Database Search

  • Motor vehicle report

  • Sex Offender Records

  • CPR/First Certification Verification

  • 2 day trial period, family pays the candidate

  • 5 days of complimentary backup care. You pay the nanny directly without placement fees

*An exclusive 1 year replacement period package available upon request*

Additional terms are outlined in our agency agreement.

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