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Agency Pricing & Fee Schedule

Our agency fees are based on your household service request. All new families looking for in home childcare or household staff will incur a one time new client registration fee of $350. There's a separate placement fee for families seeking long term placement, and on call nanny services.

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Long Term Placement

Families looking for long term placement usually need care at least 1 year minimum. All fees are paid once and are not recurring. 

Part Time & Full Time Placement - 

$3500 or 15% of the Annual Salary, whichever is greater

  • 120 days guaranteed replacement period

  • Social Security Number Trace

  • National Criminal Database Search

  • Motor vehicle report

  • Sex Offender Records

  • CPR/First Certification Verification

  • 2 day trial period, family pays the candidate

  • 5 days of complimentary backup care. You pay the nanny directly without placement fees

*An exclusive 1 year replacement period package available upon request*

Additional terms are outlined in our agency agreement.


Temp & As Needed
Nannies & Sitters

Temp nanny and sitter services include date nights, backup care, occasional, and as needed child care services. Families in need of as needed childcare will pay a one time launch fee of $350. This includes 4 bookings. Each booking after the first month is $35/ea paid to the agency. 


Monthly membership options for recurring childcare:

 4 bookings - $125/mo membership fee

8 bookings - $215/mo membership fee

Families in need of a 1 time placement will pay a booking fee of $35 plus a separate hourly rate. 

*An emergency temp booking with less than 24/hour notice will incur a $45 booking fee. All fees are due​ before the shift begins.

Seasonal or Summer Nanny (up to 3 months) $1500

Monthly placement - $575/month

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