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Mtoto Music Makers & Educators

Shaping young minds through early childhood music education, group classes, and private music lessons.

Introducing music education to young children aids in shaping their creative minds, and development.

We use movement, dance, singing, and instruments as tools to encourage confidence, and the joy of learning music in a new way.


Benefits of early childhood music eduation

Children learn the basics of music through singing, developing rhythm, and listening

Engage in music foundation through recognizing sound, learning diverse types of music. and exploring instruments

Group music classes encourage social interaction, creative expression, and aid in coordination.

Music gives children the opportunity to incorporate fun play, while promoting cognitive development, physical fitness, and gaining nurturing and emotional support. 

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Mtoto Music Services

Onsite preschool and daycare group music classes.

1 on 1 piano, voice, and music foundation classes.

After school and after care group and 1 on 1 piano and voice lessons

Children and youth choir 

instruction and development

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