OBJECTIVE 17 years of experience caring for infants, toddlers, young adolescents (including multiples and
preemies). My goal is to facilitate developmentally appropriate practice for the individual child, and support
parents during any stage of child rearing years. To assist parents in the development of cognitive, emotional, social
and physical development of their children. Always seeking ways to support postpartum families both emotionally
and physically by providing scientifically based resources, education and guidance.

Introduces and reinforces clear consistent behavior expectations using redirection, positive reinforcement,
encouragement, consequences and behavioral interventions. Planning and organizational skills. Reliability


University of Phoenix, Baton Rouge, LA
Associate Psychology, 2011

Adult & Pediatric CPR/First Aid, American Red Cross, July 2018
Connection Centered Discipline, July 2018
Postpartum Doula, Pro Doula ,March 2018
Lactation Educator, Healthy Children’s Project, March 2018
Caring for Multiples, ABC Doula, February 2018
Nanny Training Certificate,, July 2017
Newborn Care Specialist, Newborn Care Solutions, September 2017
Tennessee Child Care Training Systems:
Brain Development Intermediate, November 2017
Brain Development Advanced, December 2017
Shaken Baby Syndrome, December 2017
Inclusion, December 2017
Building Strong Brains (Adverse Childhood Experiences) December 2017
Promoting Social and Emotional Development, December 2017
Eat Play Rest, December 2017

Birth and Bereavement Doula. Still birthday October 2018
Child Care Lounge Online Training:
Positive Discipline October 2018
Unique Child October 2018
Developmentally Appropriate Practice October 2018

Member of AIMHITN (Association of Infant Mental Health TN) November 2017
Member of PSI (Postpartum Support International) November 2017
Member of INA International Nanny Association) December 2017


April 2014-Present
Bryant Family
Brentwood, TN

Full time nanny for 4 children ages 2, 5, 7, and 8.Children were 6 months, 3 and 4 at start with a 4 the baby blessed into the family in 2015. I currently provide a stimulating and positive atmosphere to foster growth and an appreciation and love for learning and life.  I plan age appropriate activities as well as transporting the children to and from school and extracurricular activities. I provide sick care when they are unable to attend school. I have successfully potty trained the youngest 3 children. I provided late night or overnight care while parents travelled for business monthly. I organize and host play dates, Assist the children with home work and school projects. I do my best to make education and exploring a priority by facilitating both structured and free play activities to give my charges a balanced foundation. Many of our activities include trips to the library, Nashville Zoo, AdventureScience Center, children’s museum, farms, concerts, walks in the rain, music and art classes hiking and digging for worms. Educational activities include story time, and carefully planned age appropriate activities based on the individual child's level. I also assist in household management by helping with duties such as errands, accepting packages, grocery shopping and meal preparation.

June 2012-2014
Nnadi Family
Baton Rouge, LA

Full time nanny for 2-year-old at start.Planned and organized daily activities, always having something fun and creative fort he child to do. Promoted physical and emotional development by organizing playdates, exploring the city and overseeing age appropriate educational activities and experiences. I performed all childcare related duties including laundry, home organization, light housekeeping and providing transportation to/from school and activities. I also created a reading program to foster the love of reading and language development.

March 2010-2012
Goodly Family
Baton Rouge, LA

Full time nanny for 3-year-old at start.Nurtured the child’s growth and development with creative games and age appropriate activities, trips to the park, museums and play dates. I assisted with educational development through the teaching of the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes etc. We sang songs, played games and read tons of books to encourage speech and language development. I I provided household help by assisting with home organization and maintaining bedrooms, eating spaces and play areas.

September 2008-2012
Roberts Family
Baton Rouge, LA

Full time nanny for 6-week-old preemie twins at start. My priorities for the twins as newborns was to provide a safe and secure yet nurturing environment for them. I adhered to infant care routines such as scheduled bottle feedings, diaper changing and sleeping schedule. I encouraged physical growth through tummy time and floor play. I helped the babies ease into eating solid foods by making homemade purees and meals and slowly introducing fruits and vegetables into their diet. We sang songs, played games and read tons of books to encourage speech and language development. We also took daily walks around the neighborhood to encourage exploration and trips to the park to promote climbing, running, jumping and socialization.


February 2005-2008
Hope Shelter
May 2004-2008

Totally Fit
Baton Rouge, LA

Direct Care Staff
(Boys Residential Treatment Facility)
(Girls Residential Treatment Facility)
I created an atmosphere of warmth, openness, and safe and warm atmosphere within limits that encourage each youth to be responsible for him or herself. Provided for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each youth including the preparation of
meals, necessary health care, supervision, and transportation. I managed the daily  operation of the home including budget, shopping, and the maintenance of the allowances of the youth. Supervised and supported participation of youth in school by
maintaining routine contact with school officials, assist the adolescents in areas of academic difficulty, and monitor the academic progress of each youth. I prepared daily and monthly reports on clients for records. Provided input for the treatment team in
formulation of treatment plan. Document incident reports.

January 2000-2004
Independent Living
Baton Rouge, LA

Personal Care Assistant
Cared for children with physical and mental developmental needs. Assisted special needs children with daily physical, emotional, and social development. I prepared healthy meals and snacks for the children as well as organized and facilitated creative
activities and games weekly. Transported children to doctor’s appointments and outings


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