Lacey K.


Private Family, Dallas, TX, April 2019-present

Nanny/House Assistant

  • Care full-time for twin girls, from age 22mth to 3.5, as well as my 11 month old son (who accompanies me full-time)

  • Daily tasks include (but are not limited to): wake up girls and dress them; make breakfast; take care of all family dishes; make grocery lists (and sometimes shop for necessities); transport to all activities; food preparation for entire family; all meals for children; teach swimming lessons for the girls; clean house every day where needed (deep cleaning when they are out of town); teach good food habits (introducing new foods), along with feeding themselves; potty training; educational activities; overall, just keeping them happy, healthy, busy, and learning; starting to teach a little Spanish; laundry for entire family; trimming girls hair; taking them to appointments (scheduling when asked to); airport drop offs and pick ups

Private Family, Dallas, TX, September 2018-February 2019

Household Manager/Nanny/Personal Assistant

  • Care full-time for 3 children, ages 2, 4, and 6.

  • Responsible for the daily management of the house.

  • My daily tasks include (but are not limited to): personal and business scheduling; personal and business travel arrangements; making breakfast; packing school lunches; transporting kids to and from school; grocery shopping; car maintenance/repairs/inspections; laundry; organizing house on a daily basis; contacting household contractors to secure bids; hiring household workers; online shopping and returns; taking children to all extracurricular activities; baths; homework help; taking pets to grooming; helping with party planning and preparation; clothes shopping for entire family; organize closets, office, and garage; any other errands that the parents need me to do


Private Family, Dallas, TX, August 2017-March 2018

Household Manager/Nanny/Personal Assistant

  • Care full-time for 3 children, ages 4, 3, and 4 months.

  • Manage the household, including all errands for the parents (dry cleaner, bank, take children to school and all their extracurricular activities.

  • My daily tasks include (but are not limited to): scheduling for 5 family members; travel arrangements; preparing all meals, including school lunches; doing all household laundry; helping the older children with learning the basic letters and numbers (in English and Spanish); transporting kids every day to many activities; household tasks; waking up the children and helping them get ready each morning for school and each evening for bed; dropping them off and picking them up from school; dry cleaning and all other errands for family (grocery shopping, party planning and party preparation, all maintenance work on cars, getting bids and contacting companies for household repairs, etc.); stayed with children for up to 6 days straight while parents traveled.



Private Family, Plano, TX, 2014-2017

Governess/Nanny/PT Household Manager

  • Care full-time for 13 year old twin girls; care part-time (at least 2 times per week) for their 11 year old twin brothers who both have special needs (Autism).


  • Manage all scheduling for the children's conflicting schedules. Had complete autonomy and am in charge of making and keeping up with the calendars for each child. 


  • Daily tasks included (but not limited to): preparing all meals; doing all household laundry; tutoring/helping girls with schoolwork; transporting 1 of the girls to and from competitive tennis 4 times per week & the other girl to and from competitive volleyball 3-4 times a week; monitoring & assisting with all in-home exercises, activities, and household tasks; helping the girls get ready every morning for school and each evening for bed; dropping them off and picking them up from school and all other extracurricular activities.

*** Both girls achieved Honor Roll all 3 years I was there & made it into NJHS 


University of Texas at Dallas; Richardson, Texas

  • Masters of Science, Management Administrative Sciences with a concentration in Marketing & Finance (not yet completed); 4.0 GPA


Texas A&M University; College Station, Texas

  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology & Minor in Business; 3.7 Cumulative GPA

CURRENT & PREVIOUS Certifications

  • CPR, FIRST AID, & AED Certifications (CURRENT)