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Professional Overview

I'm Ileana. I have been a legal resident in this country for almost six years. I was a lawyer in my home country, Mexico. I can teach Spanish to children and speak fluently. I'm taking time to do different things and have been brushing up on my English. To be honest with you, my level of English is basic. I have raised a beautiful daughter who is about to go to college. 


I will tell you a little about my experience as a babysitter in Mexico. I have worked with children from a very early age (since adolescence). At an area church,  I was part of the caregivers group for children ages 3 months-12 years. I worked in the  nursery and taught Bible classes to older children. I am also an aunt to five beautiful children whom I regularly cared for, and of course I took care of my daughter.


In the United States, I have had the opportunity to take care many children. I am an honest, clean, educated person, of a good sociocultural level, sweet, responsible, organized. I fully fulfill all childcare duties and, most importantly, I love children! I am patient and I love doing different activities with them.


I have my driver's license in perfect order and I'm available to do any test. I took an online first aid course, and I am working on getting it updated. I received COVID vaccine and will wear a face mask if need be. I would love for you to give me the opportunity to meet you!



Ileana F.


Grado terminado en Leyes

Guadalajara, Jal.

CPR/First Aid, pending renewal

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