Gael D.

Professional, Full-Time, Live-In Nanny

Dedicated to meeting the individual needs of children and their families by utilizing my training, skill set and over 30 years of experience, to create a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment where children develop a strong foundation for life.

Professional Skills and Qualifications

• Extensive newborn and infant experience and specialized training
• Comprehensive knowledge of child development with a special focus on birth to 2 years

• Effective communicator partnering with parents to raise happy and healthy children
• Management of funds for child care related purchases and expenses

Specialized Education, Training and Certifications

National Academy of Nannies, Inc: In-Home Child Care Specialist Program (1/1986)
1043 hours of academic study with part-time internship, plus 3 months on-the-job training


Alexandra School: Newborn Care Specialist Program (5/2011)
54 hours of classroom instruction plus 36 hours of evaluated in-home externship Foundation Practice for Nannies/CACHE accredited (5/2017)

20 clock hours


Boston Baby Nurse: Newborn Care Specialist (7/2017)

40 hours of online practical training


Baby Signs Institute: Baby Signs Nanny certification (2/2008) Making it Work!, 10 Strategies to Building and Maintaining Successful Nanny/ Relationships (4/2020)
1.5 clock hours


Nextstep: National COVID-Ready Caregiver Certification (4/2020)

National CPR Foundation: Adult/Infant and Child CPR, AED and First Aid certified (5/2020)


Nanny Work Experience

3/18 to 8/20

Turner household, Dallas, Texas

Full time, live-in nanny for one boy 4.5 months - 2.5 years


10/10 to 6/17

Donahue household, Boston, Massachusetts
Full time, live-in nanny for 3 siblings
boy 3 months - 6.10 years,

girl newborn - 5.3 years

girl newborn - 2.7 years


8/06 to 7/10

Lavelle household, Wellesley, Massachusetts

Full time, live-in nanny for one boy

newborn - 3.8 years

10/99 to 6/06

Raines/Schaefer household, Wayland, Massachusetts
Full time live-in nanny for one girl

6 months - 7 years

9/98 to 8/99 

Wendel/Seigel household, Sudbury, Massachusetts

Full time, live-in nanny for one boy

6 months - 17 months

5/90 to 6/98

Noonan household, Dover, Massachusetts
Full time, live-in Nanny for two
girl 8 months - 8 years and girl newborn - 4 years

9/88 to 5/90

Riggs household, Dallas, Texas
Full time, live-in Nanny for two
boy 4 months - 22 months and boy 3 - 5 years


11/85 to 9/88

Barrett household, Louisville, Kentucky
Full time, live-in Nanny for three siblings
Boy 4 - 7 years, boy 3 -6 years and girl 16 months - 4 years

Areas of Expertise

• Maintaining a daily log tracking: formula/food intake, diaper changes, mood, activities, and sleep • Preparing natural, homemade baby and toddler foods
• Supportive of breast feeding and proficient at balancing combination BF/EBM/formula feedings
• Use of “teachable moments” to support brain connections and cognitive development

• Experience with play-based learning and creating educational age appropriate learning activities • Searching out age appropriate activities, events, classes, and resources in the area
• Exposing children to a variety of learning experiences
• Talented at using baby sign language to enhance pre-verbal communication

• Organizing playgroups and outings with similar aged children
• Experience with packing children for short trips and 1-3 month stays at a vacation home
• Ability to travel when required
• Comfortable with providing 24/7 care
• Experience with supporting a child’s emotional needs during unprecedented stressful times • Birthday party/holiday celebration event planning assistant

Professional Affiliations and Awards

Member, International Nanny Association, since 1988
Service Award recipient, International Nanny Association, 30 years

Contributor to Regarding Nannies blog and Creative Nanny blog

Nanny of the year, Mom’s Best Friend Nanny Agency, 2018

Member, US Nanny Association

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