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Professional Overview

Caregiver Nanny competent in working with multiple children, autistic children and physically challenged children. 


Driven and consistent Caregiver Nanny with 14 years of experience guiding children with special needs through daily routines. Exceptional at initiating activities to align with developmental levels. 



  • Schedule creation and maintenance Exceptional Organizational Skills Cleaning 

  • Active listener 

  • Cheerful and energetic 

  • Child development 

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Meal Planning and Preparation 

  • Emotionally Supportive 

  • Excellent Driving Record 

  • Non-smoker 

  • Culinary aptitude 

  • Caring child mentor 

  • Bilingual in Spanish


Work Experience

Newborn Nanny, 11/2019 to 06/2020

Melissa Soltani – Meyerland, Houston

  • Traveled with families to care for children, allowing parents to share private time while giving children fun adventures in diverse environments. 

  • Engaged with children on individual basis to build positive relationships. 

  • Monitored schedules to maintain sleeping, eating and schedules for children. 

  • Encouraged children to be understanding of and patient with others. 

  • Balanced playtime and limited screen time to optimize types of stimulation and support development of fine motor, gross motor and cognitive skills. 

  • Supported children in daily activities, including playing, meals and snacks, hygiene and socialization.

  • Worked with parents to develop and implement discipline programs to promote positive behavior. Identified warning signs of emotional and developmental problems in children.

Family Nanny, 04/2018 to 09/2019 

Katerina Nella – Bellaire, TX 

  • Balanced playtime and limited screen time to optimize types of stimulation and support development of fine motor, gross motor and cognitive skills. 

  • Monitored schedules to maintain sleeping, eating and school schedules for children. Coordinated different types of activities to enhance physical and intellectual development.

  • Established lasting, professional connections with families and children by encouraging open communication and delivering positive feedback. 

  • Played games and read books to young children, limiting TV and mobile device time. Bathed, dressed and helped with teeth brushing to promote healthy personal hygiene and good oral health. 

  • Worked with children to enforce safe living habits such as asking for help, crossing street safely and avoiding contact with unsafe objects. 

  • Taught children everyday skills, including tying shoes, dressing, potty training, basic math and language.

  • Communicated with children at age-appropriate levels to encourage understanding and foster relationships. 

  • Performed light housekeeping duties, such as dusting, mopping and  to keep household efficient and neat. 

Caregiver, 03/2012 to 02/2018 

Mayte Aysola – Santa Monica, CA 

  • Kept household areas clean and well-stocked, ran errands, managed laundry and completed weekly grocery shopping. 

  • Offered social support by transporting individuals to events and activities, in addition to medical appointments and shopping trips. 

  • Monitored, tracked and conveyed important patient information to healthcare staff to help optimize treatment planning and care delivery. 

  • Gathered dietary information, assisted with feeding and monitored intake to help patients achieve nutritional objectives and support wellness goals. 

  • Kept patients mentally alert by entertaining, conversing and reading aloud to patients. Sanitized dishes, tabletops, toys and frequently touched surfaces to prevent spreading of germs. Applied positive behavior management techniques to enhance social interactions and emotional development. 

  • Enforced rules and managed behavior through developmentally appropriate discipline. Observed play activities to identify positive behaviors and areas in need of improvement, implementing behavior redirection where appropriate. 

  • Maintained effective schedule balance between rest periods, active play and instruction. Prepared healthy foods and beverages for children based on optimal dietary guidelines and individual restrictions. 

  • Set and enforced rules to maintain children's safety and created welcoming, caring environments for all children. 

  • Developed lessons and activities to promote children's physical and emotional development.

  • Helped children develop motor skills in preparation for preschool and kindergarten. Added daily log information to permanent records outlining observations, meals and any medications administered for acute or chronic conditions. 

  • Selected appropriate stories based on ages of children and teachable moments, read to groups and promoted discussions based on content. 

  • Used positive reinforcement techniques to promote patience and other good behaviors in children. Managed safety and security of all children under care. 

  • Consulted with families to discuss activities and behaviors of each child. 



Accounting Master: Accountant, 07/1999 

Universidad Libre - Cali Colombia

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