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Professional Nanny with over 15 years of experience

Worked with infant to school aged children

CPR/First aid certified, due for renewal

Safe driver

COVID Vaccinated


Nanny Job Summary

Managed the daily routine and schedule for children

Work with parents to make sure children are safe while keeping track of milestones

Maintain the children's laundry, nursery, keep track of inventory

Clean and sanitize bottles and feeding utensils.

Engage in age appropriate activities

Outdoor walks to the park and around the neighborhood

Transport children to appointments and activities

Followed parents schedule with naps and feedings

Light housekeeping, cooking and meal prep

Nanny Work History

Manhatten Beach, CA

June 2006-2012

  • Started care for baby at 4 month through 6 years old. 

  • Worked for the family as a full time nanny from 9am-5pm

  • Handled all daily tasks for the baby.

  • Kept up with laundry, bottles, all baby responsibilities

  • Daily activities, reading, floor play, park, walks

  • Responsible for driving to school and picked up



Redando Beach, CA

January 2014-July 2017

  • Care for a 3 month old baby boy at the start of the job and their second son, a baby boy 

  • Worked full time as a nanny. 

  • Managed the daily schedule, naps, feeding and activities for development and growth

  • Maintained the children's bedrooms, changed linens and cleaned their play areas

  • Handled light cooking for the family

  • Light housekeeping


San Pedro, CA

2019-Dec 2020 

  • Full time nanny for 7 month old girl and 3 year old boy.

  • Mostly cared for  the baby while their son was in school

  • Maintained the daily schedule while following the parents requests

  • Engaged in play time, walks, reading, floor play and keeping the children engaged throughout the day

  • Kept track of baby's inventory, handles laundry, washing dishes and all tasks related to the baby. 

  • Occasionally cared for both children

Cooked 2 days a week