Seeking a position as a Child Care provider by utilizing my skills in giving compassionate care, supervising, directing and monitoring the well-being of children

Corzon Family

Nanny, 2018

Cared for 3 year old girl & 1  year old boy  for dual working parents

Took children to their daily activities 

Read books & played games to keep children stimulated

Handled cleaning of children's bedrooms, dishes, toys and commons areas

Scheduled and created a nap routine

Diaper changes, dressing children and preparing for the day


Rice Family

Nanny, 2008-2017

Cared for 5 & 8 year old girls

Helped with school schedule and with daily needs

Prepared meals, snacks and maintained the children's areas

Transported children to school, appointments and daily activities

Read books, led educational activities, helped with projects and school assignments.

Handled all childcare related tasks, cleaning the children's bedrooms, dishes, laundry and anything pertaining to their well being  


Liss Family


Cared for 4 year old  twin girls 

Prepared the girls for the day with meals, getting them dressed and maintaining the schedule. 

Took children to activities and appointments

Played games, read books, did arts and crafts, along with a host of child related activities

Cleaned, sanitized and maintained the children's bedrooms and play areas